Visiting Space Center Houston

What is it about the darkness of space that has inspired so many people to look up at the sky and wonder if there’s something else out there? Are we really alone in this infinite universe? Is the answer of existence somewhere out there amongst the Stars? These are questions NASA has been trying to answer, ever since the first rocket left earth. From the very first footprint on the moon to the rover tracks on Mars, the answers to these questions continue to elude us. That’s not stopping hundreds of people that come to Space Center Houston every day who still believe that NASA will someday unlock the secrets of the universe.

Why Visit Space Center Houston?

For most of the people on earth, this place is the closest they will ever get to seeing outer space. Most of the artifacts here in this interactive museum are actually from real NASA missions. There’s a lot to see and do here at the Space Center Houston. If you’re into rockets, they have the biggest and most powerful rocket that towers an amazing 36 stories tall. The Saturn 5 rocket is one of three rockets used to send astronauts to the moon. Talk about massive, this thing is so big you really have to be there in person to appreciate the size.

The Space Center has retired aerospace engineer and tour guides who have volunteered their time to give guidance to people coming to visit the station. There are visitors from as far as Japan and Africa hanging on their every word as they reveal interesting details about the early Apollo and Gemini missions. They will also give you some funny, but true stories about the real heroes that landed on the moon. On the other side of the NASA campus, a tour guide will tell you all about the new Mission Control.

The real fun is in the main building, where there are all kinds of interactive video games and even a simulated Mars rover adventure for the kids. If you’re wondering what it’s like to fly the space shuttle, there’s good news for you. You can go into this simulated cockpit to check it out for yourself. But don’t get too excited as all the buttons are hidden behind Plexiglas, although the Space Shuttle was put in retirement.

The Future of Space Center Houston

That’s not the end of the story. NASA has big plans for the future, according to a 30-minute film showing a giant IMAX screen. Scientists and skilled engineers are preparing for the first manned flight to go to Mars and they say it could be as early as 2033. This is why NASA says it’s so important to encourage your children to go into the science and engineering fields. This is because they are the future scientists and engineers. Back in 2012, astronaut Shannon Walker inspired young girls to dream about the Stars at the first ever Girl Scout Expo in San Antonio Texas.


If NASA put the first man on the moon, who knows what the engineers of tomorrow will bring. Perhaps one day the answers to the universe will be revealed, but until then, why don’t you keep the dream alive and come out and check out the Space Center Houston.

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