Visiting the Children’s Museum of Houston


The Children’s Museum of Houston is a fun, family-friendly museum that’s enjoyed by both locals and visitors to the area. Designed to offer exhibits in the arts, maths, and sciences, kids will love exploring the large museum. Although there are exhibits changing throughout the year, these are some of the top attractions to see while exploring.

Coding Hangout
This hangout is a temporary exhibit but it helps kids to move beyond just being a consumer of technology to building their own. The exhibit shows children how coding and computational thinking are used with an interactive exhibit where kids will program robots, solve puzzles, and enjoy other activities. Kids who may be interested in computer science will be sure to love this exhibit but even ones who aren’t will still find some interest in this vibrant exhibit.
Chevron-Houston Texans Maker Annex
This maker exhibit is exactly what its name sounds like. Kids can use their creative abilities in the exhibits here. Try out 3D printing, building, animation, laser cutting, and more. This space often has workshops which are great to sign up for when you’re in the area. Each workshop exposes participants to new tools and materials. The goal of this exhibit is to make creativity fun as well as showing its practical side. If visiting, sign up early because slots fill up quickly!
Cum Yah Gullah
This exhibit is more for the person who loves the arts and literature in the family. These American stories show an earlier time and focuses on the history of the Gullah people. Here, kids can learn about the culture and arts of these people and gain an appreciation for other backgrounds on the way. This cultural journey is a step outside the box for the museum and kids love seeing the storytelling and music take place each day.
The Challenge Course
If your kids can’t seem to stay still, then they’ll want to be sure to check out the challenge course at the museum. This ropes challenge course puts balance, stamina, and physical activity to the test. In the course, kids will have to climb the cargo net, make it across the rope bridge, and then make their way through the rest of the course, finishing at the swinging steps. The museum has strict safety measures in place and kids are always in a harness. However, this fun exhibit is a great way for kids to challenge their physical skills and it’s a great option for anyone between the ages of five and fifteen.
It’s difficult to find a museum that will be interesting to kids of all ages but the Children’s Museum of Houston may surprise you. These hands-on exhibits span a wide range of interests from science and technology to health, and even the arts. If planning a trip to the area, make sure to plan at least half a day to get in everything that it has to offer. Most people who visit the museum spend all day here and it’s well worth taking your time.
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