Best Up and Coming Areas of Houston

Regardless of where you stay, you are always part of a community, neighborhood. Contrary to what your community may say, not all neighborhoods are the same. Some have great places to eat and drink while others have recreational features such as parks, sports fields and much more. Apart from their curb appeal, good neighborhoods also provide the best culture. As Houston city continues to grow, so does its neighborhood. Here are the top 5 up and coming neighborhoods in Houston.

1. Independence Heights

Situated outside the busy center and towards the suburbs, independence heights has grown very fast due to its prime location. Linked to all the areas of the city, in the recent past, it has seen a sudden influx of new people searching for a good life outside of the bustling city. Traditionally, it has been home to the middle class and modest homes. The attractiveness of its art studios and magnet schools has also made it attractive to those who wish to raise their children in innovative school systems.

2. River Oaks

Known as the Beverly Hills of Houston, if you can afford then River Oaks is the place to be. It not only features gorgeous homes but also has landmarks such as River Oaks Theater that has withstood the test of time. Apart from these, one of the most interesting things about it is the opening of the River Oaks District. It’s, therefore, one of the best up and coming places to be.

3. Lindale Park

While shopping around for real estate in Houston, most people tend to overlook Lindale Park. Located just a few minutes north of Downtown at the juncture of Interstate 45 and Interstate 610, Lindale park is easily accessible. It’s not only close to the city but also small in size hence one of the most attractive places. If you are a middle and or an upper wage earner, you will find it very affordable. As compared to other places it avoids lofts, apartment towers, and condos. Instead, it has a well-planned neighborhood filled with bungalows and friendly homes.

4. Montrose

If you are looking for a good place to invest in then Montrose is perhaps the best. Featuring a predominantly diverse population, renovated mansions, inhibiting townhomes, and bungalows with cottages, Montrose is an excellent neighborhood. However, as compared to other places, homes are a bit expensive.

5. The Third Ward

Dating back to the city’s founding, this is the third district of Houston. Situated in the Southeast part of Houston, the Third Ward is famous for its most diverse and vibrant black neighborhoods throughout the city. It’s also known as the area where the famous musician Beyoncé grew up and a home to a number of universities such as The University of Houston and Texas Southern University. Although the economy has been up and down, it has increasingly become famous most investors try to take advantage of its historic nature and closeness to the universities.

With these amazing up and coming areas in Houston, you will not be disappointed when looking for a place to invest or stay in. Once you have identified the most appropriate neighborhood, you need to check it out and see whether it’s something that you can afford.

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