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Why Is Residential Leasing & Management The Leader Of Property Management in Dallas, TX?

Residential Leasing & Management is one of Dallas’ foremost rental property management firms currently operating today. We have had 34 years experience operating in Dallas, Plano, Irving and the surrounding counties. By treating every property we manage as if it were our own property, we guarantee a level of service to each and every one of our clients that is superior to our competitors. This philosophy of commitment and devotion to our clients and their properties has allowed us to become one of the foremost property management firms in North Central Texas.

It is vital to know the particulars when choosing a property management company. You have to know exactly what the firm has to offer, and what kind of returns you can expect. As a medium-sized company, we are just the right size: just big enough to possess a solid reputation, history and talent pool of top class management professionals, but also small enough that we can afford to pay attention to the individual and specific needs of each and every client, their properties and all related concerns. We bring 36 years of experience and localized knowledge directly to the client in a customized service designed to meet your needs and help you property meet its greatest financial potential.

We have made a name for our company in Dallas with our excellent customer service that is quick, convenient and thoroughly reliable. Through our dedicated Express Owner’s Hotline, we are always at hand to cope with any and all inquiries or issues that may arise, 24 hours of the day. We maintain a user-friendly and convenient online system for all our clients, where you can check any expenses, repairs or income reports relevant to your properties. All you need to do is to hop onto our Client Portal through our website, and any information you require will be ready and waiting. We also include a range of additional services beyond basic property management. We have a highly capable team of accountants standing by to give you full financial statements at no additional cost. We also have in-depth expert knowledge on property acquisition and disposition, and are always willing to help you with advice. Our payment system is prompt and highly flexible, available through either an easy electronic transfer or as a physical check sent with no additional charge.

Our clients enjoy the better brand of tenant management that they deserve. We market widely in order to get the widest pool of quality prospective tenants for your property possible, so you can get just the right tenant for your needs and specifications. Our marketing and advertising is done through 50 individual property websites and web services, such as Trulia, Zillow, Craigslist and the MLS. Though we have a broad marketing strategy, we also make it a point of honor to safeguard the security of our clients’ property for their financial peace of mind, and to prevent any disruptions. Every potential tenant must pass a complete and involved background check, including all bankruptcy, credit, criminal, eviction, sex offender and terrorist watchlist checks, among others. Our clients benefit from a rate of eviction far below average, as well as an above average level of security deposits. All move-in and move-out inspections on the property are arranged by us without our clients having to worry at all, and we have an emergency team of maintenance personnel on stand-by for dealing with any and all issues and problems that could conceivably affect your property. Our tenant retention average stands at around 3.5 years, higher than most other property management firms. Tenant retention reduces the number of leasing commissions you’ll need to pay over the life of your property, saving you money, time and hassle.

Clients love our wealth of local expert knowledge. With three and a half solid decades of operation in the industry, we have cultivated a deep knowledge and expertise on properties in the Dallas area, a body of information we gladly share with our clients. We have close connections and friendships with a diverse range of reliable and dependable local repair/maintenance firms, helping our clients enjoy cheaper than market rates for any and all upkeep or repair expenses. We are well respected and renowned in the Dallas community, members of NARPM as well as the Dallas Board of Realtors. We also take pride in our consistent A+ BBB rating. Every single one of our property managers is a professional, reliable and well-educated with years of actual property management experience. Our reputation as a leading Dallas property management firm is a bane to our competition and a boon to our clients. What’s more, we feature all these services, advantages and much more at some of the best rates you’re find in the industry today. Unlike our competitors, who usually charge 10% or even higher management fee for their services, our service is just a single flat monthly rate, with absolutely no surprises or hidden costs. Some of our competitors will keep 100% of the late fees from tenants, meaning more money for them for putting inferior quality tenants in your property. But we will always split any late fees from tenants with clients, as we believe in taking responsibility for the tenants we recommend for your property.

We are solely commited to a aggressive leasing policy, strong tenant and property management ,a better brand of customer service, a superior level of professional rental market expertise, and a well known reputation to back up all these achievements, which has made us the company that we are today and the experts in our field. And all that for only a single flat monthly fee, and you won’t find a better deal with any of our competitors. If you have property that needs management, and you want affordable and superior service from experts that you can trust, and who will save you money, give us a call today to discuss how we can help your properties achieve their full potential.

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